Frozen Food Thawing Plate For Fast Quick Rapid Defrosting

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  • This defrosting tray will thaw frozen food 8 times faster than at room temperature, most frozen foods take just 30-60 minutes to defrost. Doesn't require electricity or hot water.
  • This product is equipped with a non slip drip tray to catch all liquids dripping from thawing food.
  • Defrosting tray is made of food grade aluminum.
  • Defrosting tray and drip tray are both coated with nonstick surface. It is very easy to clean under running water with our bonus silicone sponge. At the same time, the product can also be used in the dishwasher.

Material: Aluminum 
Size: 29.5X20.5X0.2cm/35.5X20.5X0.2cm