Skytech Fireplace Remote Control Options

Skytech Fireplace remote controls comes in various options such as simple On / Off , Timer (T) , Thermostat (TH) , Programmable (P) and Wall mounted.

So what does these options mean ?

Skytech On/Off remote are the most basic ones. As the name suggest they only turn on and off your fireplace.

Models : 1001A , 1420A, 5001 (Skytouch) , 5010 (Skytouch)

Skytech On/Off Remotes with Timer  adds a timer functionality to On/Off remotes. It gives you an option to turn off your fireplace after a specific time .

Models: 1001T/LCD-A , 1420T/LCD-A

Skytech Thermostatic Remote works according to the temperature setting. It can turn on / off your fireplace if your surrounding reaches a specific temperature.

Models : 5301, 5320, 3002, 3301

Skytech Programmable Thermostatic Remote enable you to program your remotes according to time and day of the week.

Models: 1001TH, 1420TH, 5301P, 5320P, 3301P2, 3301PF ( with fan control option)

Skytech Wireless Wall Mounted Control units are wall mounted and like a regular switch . These switches communicate with a transmitter connected to your fireplace without the hassles of wires.

Models: WS (wall switch ) ,TS-3,TM-3

Skytech Wired Wall Mounted Control units are wall mounted and are also like a regular switch . These switches are directly connected to your fireplace .

Models: 1001D , TM-R-2A , TS-R-2A


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