Skytech Fireplace Remote Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your Skytech Fireplace Remote

If you are having issues with your skytech remote controlling the fireplace , following are some steps you can take to fix the issue.

  1. Find your skytech receiver box and make sure connections are secured and batteries replaced (if your receiver runs on batteries) .If your fireplace is working and your receiver box is connected properly you should be able to slide the slider switch on the receiver box to the "On" position and your fireplace should turn on ( without the need of a remote ).
  2. Press the "Learn" button on the receiver box and release the button quickly - you should hear a beeping noise.
  3. Immediately press the "On “ or the "Mode" button (if you have both press the "ON" button) on your remote control. At this point, you should hear a beeping noise again turning your fireplace on.This confirms the connection has been successful.
  4. If the above steps fail to work , reset the receiver box. Simply press and hold the "Learn" button for 10-15 seconds after which you should hear consecutive beeps indicating the receiver has been reset. Repeat the above steps.