Airmax Eco Systems Pond Logic EcoBoost Powder

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EcoBoost is a natural bacteria booster designed to increase natural bacterial activity and bind phosphates to improve water quality. This is perfect for ponds that receive excess nutrients from lawn fertilizers, storm drains or ponds that have a muck problem. Apply by stirring powder into a bucket of pond water and evenly distributing around the pond. Use 2 scoops for every 1/4 acre and use with PondClear or MuckAway for best results. 100% natural and safe for all aquatic and domestic life. 


Quantity                      Treats

8 lbs. /  16 Scoops       1/4 Acre Pond for up to 4 months

24 lbs./ 48 Scoops        1/4 Acre Pond for up to 12 months