HY-C FG-16 Flame Genie Smoke-Free Spark-Free Portable Wood Pellet Fire Pit, Quick to Fire Design, 13.5/12.5 Inches, Black

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  • Ideal for patio & campsite use
  • Produces a larger flame, more heat & longer burn times
  • Burns clean & easy-to-handle wood pellets, producing minimal ash & requiring little cleanup
  • Produces maximum enjoyable flame utilizing a gravitational afterburner system, which minimizes smoke or holes in fabrics from sparks
  • Lightweight design

Flame Genie Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Fire Pit! The unique gravitational afterburner system generates longer burn times without the smoke, sparks and cleanup associated with traditional wood fire pits. Flame Genie burns easy-to-handle wood pellets that produce minimal ash, making cleanup a breeze! Use it on your patio, or pack it up and take it to your campsite. The compact design is portable and easily stores in an RV locker or car truck. The black galvanized steel fire pit is ideal for smaller patios, tailgates and campsites.

 Flame Genie Cover

Material - Galvanized Steel

Size - 13.5" Diameter x 12.5" Height

Initial Fuel Load - 6 lbs. of pellets

Visible Flame Time -  25 - 35 minutes

Heat Time - 60 - 90 minutes

Care Instructions - Store in a dry environment to avoid rusting. Surface finish may become discolored or peeled after multiple use.