Microbe Lift Bloom & grow

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  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Contains micro- and macro-nutrients
  • Contains vitamins and amino acids
  • Has essential primary and secondary nutrients
  • Nitrate and phosphate free

    Specially formulated for aquatic plants of all types to promote larger, brighter and faster blooms as well as healthier and stronger roots. Microbe-Lift contains micro & macro nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, Iron and Potassium in a chelated formula to provide quick plant absorption. Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow is safe to use when fish are present. Dosage Rate: Add 1 ounce (5 capfuls) per 300 gallons of pond water. How To Apply: Using the above dosage rate, pour the appropriate amount of Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow into your pond. Your pump and aeration system will circulate the product throughout the pond. When To Apply: Use Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow  once to twice a week whenever your plants are active and in season. Restrictions & Precautions: Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow carries no water use restrictions. Do not apply in water intended for human consumption. Contains iron and potassium to promote green leaves Highly concentrated formula Contains vitamins and amino acids

    Aquatic Plant Supplement (not a fertilizer)