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MuckAway natural bacteria are precision release pellets that sink to the bottom of the pond to digest and convert muck into an odorless gas. MuckAway can be used to treat the entire pond or spot treating troublesome areas such as beaches or shorelines. 100% natural and safe for all aquatic and domestic life. Best used when water temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply 1 scoop for every 1,000 square feet once every 2 to 4 weeks. Treats 75 Feet of Shoreline Up To 6 Months.

Quantity                      Treats

4 lbs. /    8 Scoops         75' of shoreline for up to 3 months

8 lbs. /  16 Scoops       150' of shoreline for up to 3 months

24 lbs./ 48 Scoops        450' of shoreline for up to 3 months