SkyTech 1420T/LCD Timer Control (replaces skytech 1410T/LCD )

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  • 4-Button On/Off/Timer/Set transmitter with LCD display
  • LCD displays room temp in *F or *C and a 3-hour countdown timer
  • 110V AC receiver box with learn function and On/Remote/Off slider switch
  • Receiver can be placed on the hearth or under the fireplace behind the control access panel
  • Transmitter will show room temperature but this is NOT a Thermostat controlled remote


The Skytech 1420 T/LCD  (replaces skytech 1410T/LCD ) fireplace remote control system was developed to provide safe, reliable, and user-friendly remote control system for gas heating appliances. The remote system is powered by 110-120 VAC, yet only a "dry contact" (no power output). The system can be operated manually from the transmitter. The system operates on one of 65,536 security codes that are programmed into the transmitter at the factory. Remote control has an easy to operate timer capability that provides an added layer of safety.